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 Are you an individual who can't stop researching the latest catastrophic event or tracking adverse weather conditions?  Can't pull yourself off the internet searching for the latest news on how they impact lives, businesses and our environment? Are you a night owl?

Then look no further, Granada has the JOB for you!

At Granada, we believe that our staff works with us, not for us. Our goal is to find the very best talent who love what they do while consistently performing above client expectations and provide them with a cool place to work (your home) so that both employees and clients continue to grow with us!  Our virtual solution offers flexibility that you will never get from a brick-and-mortar office environment. Plain and simple!

Who We Are
Granada is a fast-growing outsourcing provider of client support services.  We partner with each client, tailoring our services, to meet their specific business needs. These services range from customer service, data management, technical support, and sales, just to name a few.


Life of a Work at Home - Research Event Coordinator


As a Work at Home - Research Event Coordinator, you will monitor and gather current data intelligence on natural or man-made disasters, weather conditions, or other non-weather events (such as power outages and shipping delays) to identify events with the potential to negatively affect our client's (ContactRelief) customers. 


What will you do and how will you do it?


  • Review disaster and weather alerts generated by ContactRelief through it's monitoring of governmental disaster and weather agencies
  • Monitor a defined list of websites, social media news, and data feeds to identify the most significant events at the local, regional, state and national level
  • Classify the event by type, scope, severity, duration and the significance of the event to the ContactRelief customers whom are affected in the impacted area/region
  • Use the intelligence while following specific policies and guidelines to generate recommendations to ContactRelief clients to suspend or resume contact with customers in the affected area.
  • Review certain recommendations proposed by ContactRelief's recommendation engine and, considering the additional information above, approve recommendations meeting the policy while rejecting those that do not.
  • Enter information into the ContactRelief Command Center website or other tools provided by ContactRelief.


What will you need?


  • Great written skills, impeccable grammar
  • Ability to research using numerous sources provided and self-located
  • Strong analytical and decision-making skills
  • Enthusiasm for large scale occurrences
  • Driven by deadlines
  • Must be able to work in a virtual, self-managed environment and enjoy constant online chat and video interaction
  • Ability to identify key weather and non-weather-related events on a large scale
  • Microsoft Word and Excel intermediary proficiency
  • A dedicated office environment, free of noise and distractions
  • Must be able to adhere to a fixed schedule.  This is a deal breaker for us so please be honest about your ability to commit as we have a low tolerance threshold. It is a PLUS if you are flexible and can pick up shifts if needed on call!
  • You must have a reliable computer and high-speed internet.  As this is key to working for Granada, if you can't meet this requirement - we can't consider you.


What will give you brownie points when you apply for this position?


  • Education and/or experience in content writing or journalism
  • Weather reporting background


Technical Requirements


  • Internet: >25 MB required, may consider >10mbs
  • Back up internet: 4G hotspot via phone or dedicated hotspot required
  • Windows 8 or higher
  • Processor speed: i5 or greater preferred, may consider i3
  • Memory: 8GB minimum, 12GB preferred
  • Webcam for meetings




  • Arizona
  • Texas
  • Colorado
  • Nevada
  • Florida - More than 50 miles from the coastline
  • Georgia - More than 50 miles from the coastline
  • North Carolina - More than 50 miles from the coastline
  • Tennessee




What can you expect from Granada?


  • Unique opportunity to work from the comfort of your own home while earning a regular hourly paycheck
  • Paid training
  • Medical and dental benefits for full time employees
  • Opportunities to earn additional income through incentive opportunities
  • World class virtual team / coaching work environment




Plus when you work from home you have the potential to save money & time :


  • No gas costs to drive into work
  • No lunch expenses because you forgot to bring your lunch to the office
  • No getting stuck in traffic
  • Working in clothing that you feel comfortable in each day


Hours of Operation


  • 365 days a year
  • 24 hours a day
  • 20-28 hours per week with the potential for additional hours as needed




If you meet or exceed our requirements please apply! We would love to hear from you! Please submit attached to your resume the following:


 **Find out more about Granada and our Work From Home Team go to Granada Careers


Aside from being one of the most stellar companies to work for, Granada is also an equal opportunity employer!


Be sure to check your junk/spam folders for emails from us after applying if you do not see one in your inbox. You will receive an acceptance email after submission of your resume!


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This position has been closed and is no longer available.
Granada Corp


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